We create visually-striking custom solutions that just work. Our mission: to build feature-rich websites from the ground up for businesses of all kinds.

Even though running a website seems like rocket science, the act of choosing a Web developer does not have to be. Slick Development specialists have the right amount of time, technical knowledge and experience to help anyone with a website. Make sure that you know what you are getting into when you choose a Web development company Los Angeles area. Make Slick Development the ideal choice for your online business operations.


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On-page Search Engine Optimization

On-page optimization is the foundation for a good SEO campaign. We update your website’s code and content to strategically prepare for running a campaign. We start off by doing an extensive audit and sending you our recommendations & changes for improvement.

Lead Generation

Generate leads with a clean and attractive contact form. Providing a quick and easy-to-use method of contact will increase the amount of leads you are getting. Your leads can effortlessly get saved into an excel spreadsheet for tracking & management purposes.

Custom Web Design & Development

People who run large projects want to know that they are getting custom options. As a businessperson, you cannot afford to do work like the other competitors. You need every part of your website to be custom made and unique to your company’s talents. Our Web developers will build every part of the website so that you only have to worry about running your business.


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Search Engine Optimization

A website only works when it has search engine optimization (SEO) features incorporated into the pages. When you market to customers, you must use special techniques to reach out to them. Use certain keywords and images that appeal to certain people. When you use SEO strategies, you convert mere visitors into loyal customers.

Mobile Applications

Most people use mobile smartphones and tablets, so incorporate these mobile devices into your business activities. Our developers have experience making the right applications for customers who are always on the move. It is hard or impossible to access regular webpages on phones, so these applications are necessary.

Social Media Management

In addition to mobile marketing, reach out to people on various social media websites. These social sites are only going to get more popular in the future. Take advantage of the many customers and sales that you can gain through this route.

Content Management Systems

When you run a website, you have to keep it updated every now and then. The only way you can do that is to use a content management system like WordPress that makes it easy to control content. All you have to do is press a few buttons on the computer in order to make new updates.

In this day and age, your website is one of the most important parts of your business. Choose Slick Development because we know about the latest trends in this field. Turn your website from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’ with our webs design services.