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Internet Marketing

We craft high quality websites and develop thoughtful marketing campaigns that help you grow your business online.

What Do We Offer?

Custom Development

We love custom building things for our clients. From full-featured web applications to e-commerce solutions, and even the humble business website.

Conversion Optimization

So, you have a website & you're running some internet marketing campaigns... but sales are still suffering? We can help turn those visitors into paying customers.

Responsive Design

With more and more users turning to mobile devices and tablets, it's important to make sure your website looks perfect no matter what device they're using.

Marketing Strategy

During our discovery process we take the time to really understand your business. It allows us to come up with a strategy that is custom-suited for your needs.

Clear Communication

We're not a gigantic agency. This allows us to focus more on our clients and better understand their needs by keeping a clear and open path of communication.

And much more!

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management are among the services we frequently provide for our clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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7 website & internet marketing tips that every business owner should know

Hop up out of bed and turn your swag on with these 7 fundamental tips that every small business owner should know about having a website and marketing it successfully.

1. Identify who your website visitors are and create a high quality site designed for them

People often make the mistake of putting a website together and focusing solely on themselves and their company. That’s what a website should be, right? Self promotion and all. But the truth is that a website visitor doesn’t care about you or your business as much as they care about themselves. They probably have a problem or pain point, and they quickly want to figure out if you are able to reliably fix that problem for them at a fair price.

You should take some time to identify who your primary website visitors will be. Get to know them internally and try to imagine what they want to see when they land on your website. Take into consideration where the visitor has came from – did they click a link from another website, did they make a search on Google, were they viewing your company’s Yelp page, or a combination of the above. Use all this knowledge to determine the highlighted information that you want the visitor to see and present it to them in a clear and attractive way.

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