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Wordpress Development

We know WordPress inside and out, and use it on a majority of our projects that require a CMS. We build sophisticated custom themes from scratch using best practices, so you know your website will be in good hands. We do offer theme customization projects as well, but our bread and butter is custom design & development work. Our expertise and sophisticated workflow means we’ll never waste your time or money with technical issues caused by our own staff.

E-commerce Web Design

Building a website that accepts payments and manages inventory isn’t like a walk in the park. When dealing with money and private customer data, there are many things to take into consideration. However, having developed and launched many successful online stores, we’ve learned from our own mistakes and have developed the proper techniques and practices for launching a successful e-commerce website.

Web & Mobile Applications

Are you looking to partner with an AGILE team to plan, design, build, and launch a web application or corporate / intranet app? We’ve developed numerous custom web applications (including time tracking, purchase order management, invoicing, and more) for corporate environments and startups alike. We create hybrid apps which are built using web technologies and run as native apps for both iPhone and Android.

Inbound Marketing & SEO

We want to push your website or application to be as successful as it can be, and a strong online marketing campaign is the necessary supplement to an attractive, functional website or app. For this reason we've developed and honed our inbound marketing & search engine optimization skills to create packages and strategies that achieve results and increase the amount of visitors and customers you get each month.

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7 website & internet marketing tips that every business owner with a website should know

The majority of our clients are business owners and entrepreneurs of all levels. The years of experience we’ve had with our partners and working to meet their challenges has caused us to be well rounded and knowledgeable in many different industries. We’ve compiled our own list of 7 basic yet fundamental tips that every business owner should know about having a website and marketing it successfully online.

Posted in:   Advice Small Business

Kevin Iamburg - May 3, 2014 - No comments yet.

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